Introduction to Drive

Drive is the file storage and file sharing center of AMP.

Here you will find your Artists' content organized into three sections:

  1. Masters - where you will store master soundfiles,stem soundfiles, media, contracts and associated work product

  2. Projects - a nested folder view of Artists' Projects on the Tully App

  3. Beats - contains Tully Beats; our own production provided for free to all Artist Users, and Imported Beats; the Artists' own production, uploaded to the Tully platform

Drive is primarily designed to enable the Artist and their team to organize content and ensure that all collaborators upload and generate new content to the right location.

From the Drive section of AMP, you will be able to perform the following tasks:

  1. Upload files to storage

  2. Manage files and subfolders

  3. Share files and folders

  4. Request files from collaborators (such as Stems or Contracts)

  5. Create Contracts, Split Sheet Agreements

  6. Audition soundfiles