Introduction to Project Folder structure

When you create a new Project on Tully App, the following subfolder and file structure is generated, which can be organized and shared on the web or mobile app (though Projects cannot be created or managed on web):

  • Project Name (Parent Folder)

    • My Lyrics - this is your Lyric txt file associated with the Project

    • Beat Name - if you have a Beat soundfile imported to your Project, it will show up here

    • Metadata - this the metadata associated with your Project, with info such as author and creation date to support copyright claims

    • Mixes - this is where mix soundfiles will be stored when you create a new mix from your Project

    • Imports - imported audio associated with your Project will be stored here

    • Recordings - any recordings in your Project will show up here

The above folder structure is static and cannot be edited or deleted (you can delete or archive the Project itself from the advanced menu on the Project parent folder).